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The world renowned Birth Unit at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth employs a highly regarded holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. Our dedicated midwifery and obstetric staff are committed to supporting and guiding you through the whole of your pregnancy, birth and beyond in to parenthood.

The Birth Unit Practice as it will be known from now is accepting mothers for antenatal care providing the full range of antenatal services previously available.  Weekly clinics will be run by our team of consultant obstetricians alongside some of our highly regarded specialist midwives. The care which covers both the antenatal and postnatal period aims to integrate the obstetric care with the unique services that the Birth Unit has always offered to support women during their journey. The Birth Unit Practice continues to focus on promoting pregnancy as a state of health and our midwives, obstetricians and complementary therapists as partners with women in achieving the care , support and confidence with birthing, delivery and early parenting.


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In the last audited year we had no MRSA infections

Home for 2012 Olympic Team

We are proud have been chosen by  UK Athletics as their medical HQ  for our 2012 Olympic track and field athletes.

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